Shelters and Rescues Needed! Increase Save Rate by 15% in 6 months with Limiting Factor Program Pilot

You may have read our Limiting Factors Series that outlines the shelter and rescue strategy of identifying the single most influential factor in why you were not able to save the last animal. We are piloting a national program to grow this operation style. Who can join? Any animal rescue or shelter that has anContinue reading “Shelters and Rescues Needed! Increase Save Rate by 15% in 6 months with Limiting Factor Program Pilot”

Keeping volunteers engaged

A common issue your rescue or shelter may face is volunteers engagement. It takes a lot of time to recruit and train volunteers so it can be really disappointing when you feel like you don’t have the team you need to succeed. In this article we will cover common reasons volunteers can fade off andContinue reading “Keeping volunteers engaged”

Overflowing shelters – solutions you can implement today

It’s a scary time for animal care workers. Shelters and rescues all over the country are overflowing with animals. Even shelters that had or have rescue partners in other areas, those partners can’t get animals adopted either so it can feel like there is nowhere to go. Euthanasia rates are on the rise for theContinue reading “Overflowing shelters – solutions you can implement today”

4 Keys to Goal Setting

Among the many benefits of having well designed goals, the most important is that it helps you actually accomplish them. In this article we will go over why you should make goals, what makes a goal achievable, and how to set goals for your team and organization. Why you need goals In animal welfare, weContinue reading “4 Keys to Goal Setting”

Expand your volunteer network with special project volunteers

Sometimes it’s hard to consider our shelter or rescue through the eyes of our community. People often have misconceptions of what volunteering could look like. Have you ever heard “I would volunteer but it would just make me too sad” or “My schedule changes too frequently, I can’t commit to a set shift”? Just likeContinue reading “Expand your volunteer network with special project volunteers”

Data tracking – How to get started

You may see organizations like Best Friends Animal Society, Maddie’s Fund, or Faunalytics using data to inform their decisions. This practice is the most effective way to save lives. However, getting started can be intimidating. Even if you already track some data, you may want to be tracking more. In this article we will coverContinue reading “Data tracking – How to get started”

5 Ways to prevent burnout

Now more than ever, rescues and shelters are bursting at the seams, volunteers and staff are working twice as hard, and adoption rates have plummeted. This is a recipe for burnout. In this article, we will go over how to recognize burnout and how to prevent it. What does burnout look like? The way burnoutContinue reading “5 Ways to prevent burnout”

Role Definition – How to create a well rounded position

As we all know too well, animals don’t burn people out of rescue, people do. Part of that burnout is often caused by overworking. While most shelters and rescues are often under-staffed, it’s important to consider the capacity any single person has to perform well. In this article we will cover how to define aContinue reading “Role Definition – How to create a well rounded position”

Breaking through your emergency mindset

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day and to become very reactionary to problems rather than preparing for them. There is always going to be an emergency, that is the very nature of rescue. But, there is a difference between actual emergencies that you cannot predict or prepare for andContinue reading “Breaking through your emergency mindset”

Limiting factor series – Introduction

The official definition of a limiting factor is “the environmental factor that is of predominant importance in restricting the size of a population”. In terms of a shelter or rescue, it is the one thing that prevents you from your goal before anything else. Shelters and rescues often struggle to fill multiple areas like fundraisingContinue reading “Limiting factor series – Introduction”

Structuring your organization

Your core rescue team is the most important part of your organization. These are the people that will be the face of your org, set the tone for subsequent volunteers, and help you make all the difficult decisions that come with rescue. In this article, we’ll cover what roles are essential, how to delegate tasks,Continue reading “Structuring your organization”

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