Keys to a successful adoption event

Off-site adoption events can be a great way to generate interest in any animal at the event but they also get your team out in the community and are a great opportunity for marketing, fundraising, and networking. Whether you frequently have adoption events or if you’re brand new, this article will cover the top thingsContinue reading “Keys to a successful adoption event”

Returns – The 5 most common reasons and how to prevent them

Unfortunately, returns are an inevitable part of any rescue or shelter. However, there are steps we can take to prevent returns without introducing adoption barriers. In this article, we will cover the most common reasons people state for returns, how to prevent these things from causing returns, and how to identify the top reasons inContinue reading “Returns – The 5 most common reasons and how to prevent them”

Overflowing shelters – solutions you can implement today

It’s a scary time for animal care workers. Shelters and rescues all over the country are overflowing with animals. Even shelters that had or have rescue partners in other areas, those partners can’t get animals adopted either so it can feel like there is nowhere to go. Euthanasia rates are on the rise for theContinue reading “Overflowing shelters – solutions you can implement today”

Long Stay Dogs – How to get them adopted and prevent long stays

Despite all your efforts, sometimes there are dogs that seem stuck in your program. In this article we will go over how to identify reasons for long stay dogs, ways to help get those dogs adopted, and how to prevent long stays in the future. Long stay trends The first step to identifying trends inContinue reading “Long Stay Dogs – How to get them adopted and prevent long stays”

What to send home with adopters

While we can try to prepare adopters during the application process, there are always going to be some hiccups, especially with first time adopters. Providing physical guides can help decrease questions for your staff and prevent issues with the animal. In this article we will talk about the 4 categories of topics you should provideContinue reading “What to send home with adopters”

The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of post-adoption follow up

In this article we will cover why post-adoption follow up is necessary, what you should include in that communication, and how to make follow up part of your team’s daily tasks. Why you should follow up Get ahead of problems. Very rarely does someone bring a new animal home without any issues. Maybe they areContinue reading “The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of post-adoption follow up”

Building an online adopter community

Your adopters, if allowed, can be one of a rescue or shelter’s greatest assets. Adopters already know your organization, they believe in you, and more often than not, they are grateful to you for bringing their pet into their lives. So, how do you capitalize on this relationship? You build an adopter community. 1. CreateContinue reading “Building an online adopter community”

Setting your adopters up for success

A nice family has found their newest addition and they are ready to go home with their new pup. This is the point where they are the most excited and eager, however, may not be the time they are able to listen (they just adopted a pup for Pete’s sake!). Returns can be devastating forContinue reading “Setting your adopters up for success”

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