5 Keys to volunteer onboarding

Whether your organization has 100’s of volunteers or only a few, onboarding can feel like a daunting task. However, getting volunteers up and running can make the difference in success for your animals. In this article we will talk about the 5 keys to a successful onboarding program. Keys to a successful onboarding program

Role Definition – How to create a well rounded position

As we all know too well, animals don’t burn people out of rescue, people do. Part of that burnout is often caused by overworking. While most shelters and rescues are often under-staffed, it’s important to consider the capacity any single person has to perform well. In this article we will cover how to define aContinue reading “Role Definition – How to create a well rounded position”

Breaking through your emergency mindset

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day and to become very reactionary to problems rather than preparing for them. There is always going to be an emergency, that is the very nature of rescue. But, there is a difference between actual emergencies that you cannot predict or prepare for andContinue reading “Breaking through your emergency mindset”

Limiting factor series – Introduction

The official definition of a limiting factor is “the environmental factor that is of predominant importance in restricting the size of a population”. In terms of a shelter or rescue, it is the one thing that prevents you from your goal before anything else. Shelters and rescues often struggle to fill multiple areas like fundraisingContinue reading “Limiting factor series – Introduction”

Limiting factor series – Finances

Finances is the most common of the limiting factors but, identifying it as your most pressing issue to work on is the first step. The second step is determining how far you need to go to move past finances preventing you from reaching your goal. If your goal is to increase intake, how many animalsContinue reading “Limiting factor series – Finances”

Limiting factor series – Space

Space is a limiting factor that you may think is a permanent limitation. But, you don’t need space to house every animal, just enough space to house animals in need at the time they need that space.  Imagine you have space for 90 animals but you have the staff and finances for 10 more. FindingContinue reading “Limiting factor series – Space”

Limiting factor series – Staff

Staff limiting factors can feel difficult to determine. So let’s break it down.  Animal capacity per staff What types of staff / volunteers do you have? Some examples are:  Full time staff (experience ranging from 0-5) Part time staff (experience ranging from 0-5) Fosters Adult / puppy dog fosters Adult / kitten cat fosters  MedicalContinue reading “Limiting factor series – Staff”

Structuring your organization

Your core rescue team is the most important part of your organization. These are the people that will be the face of your org, set the tone for subsequent volunteers, and help you make all the difficult decisions that come with rescue. In this article, we’ll cover what roles are essential, how to delegate tasks,Continue reading “Structuring your organization”