Effective Community Programs

While so much of what we do is focusing on animals that have already become homeless, spending a small amount of your annual time and budget on community programs can greatly decrease your intake over time. In this article we will cover common myths of community programs, which programs to prioritize, and how to implementContinue reading “Effective Community Programs”

Keys to a successful adoption event

Off-site adoption events can be a great way to generate interest in any animal at the event but they also get your team out in the community and are a great opportunity for marketing, fundraising, and networking. Whether you frequently have adoption events or if you’re brand new, this article will cover the top thingsContinue reading “Keys to a successful adoption event”

Create and maintain rescue partner relationships

Many rescues and shelters have more animals than they can find homes for in their community. The solution is often to find a partner rescue in a part of the country that has a higher demand. In this article we will go over how to create relationships with partner rescues and how to maintain those relationships to save more animals in your community.

You are not your market – the importance of community polling

Rescues and shelters are often overwhelmed and it can feel confusing about why animals keep ending up in your care. It is important to remember that you are not your market, that is to say our organizations rarely accurately represent our communities which makes it difficult to truly know the community needs and therefor, difficultContinue reading “You are not your market – the importance of community polling”

Expand your volunteer network with special project volunteers

Sometimes it’s hard to consider our shelter or rescue through the eyes of our community. People often have misconceptions of what volunteering could look like. Have you ever heard “I would volunteer but it would just make me too sad” or “My schedule changes too frequently, I can’t commit to a set shift”? Just likeContinue reading “Expand your volunteer network with special project volunteers”

Role Definition – How to create a well rounded position

As we all know too well, animals don’t burn people out of rescue, people do. Part of that burnout is often caused by overworking. While most shelters and rescues are often under-staffed, it’s important to consider the capacity any single person has to perform well. In this article we will cover how to define aContinue reading “Role Definition – How to create a well rounded position”

Breaking through your emergency mindset

It is easy to get caught up in the day to day and to become very reactionary to problems rather than preparing for them. There is always going to be an emergency, that is the very nature of rescue. But, there is a difference between actual emergencies that you cannot predict or prepare for andContinue reading “Breaking through your emergency mindset”

Building an online adopter community

Your adopters, if allowed, can be one of a rescue or shelter’s greatest assets. Adopters already know your organization, they believe in you, and more often than not, they are grateful to you for bringing their pet into their lives. So, how do you capitalize on this relationship? You build an adopter community. 1. CreateContinue reading “Building an online adopter community”

Helping animals in your community – keep them out of your shelter

A shelter or rescue’s primary role is to provide care and find suitable homes for animals with nowhere to go. While this effort often takes all hands on deck, dedicating resources to preventing animals from entering your care could save more lives in the end. Let’s go over some places to start. 1. The topContinue reading “Helping animals in your community – keep them out of your shelter”