Shelters and Rescues Needed! Increase Save Rate by 15% in 6 months with Limiting Factor Program Pilot

You may have read our Limiting Factors Series that outlines the shelter and rescue strategy of identifying the single most influential factor in why you were not able to save the last animal. We are piloting a national program to grow this operation style.

Who can join?

Any animal rescue or shelter that has an intake of at least 5 animals per month.

What does it look like?

  1. 30 minute phone consultation to get to know a little more about your organization
  2. Initial data analysis (if you don’t keep data on intake, euthanasia, or adoptions -that’s okay! We can work with whatever you are starting with.)
  3. Our team will put together a strategy for you to implement based on your limiting factor. We can customize to whatever feels right for your organization.
  4. Bi-weekly or monthly check-ins during implementation
  5. Program completion and result analysis

What is the goal?

We believe our Limiting Factors strategy will increase save rate by 15% in 6 months at any animal shelter or rescues. The goal is to help your organization meet this number while fine-tuning our method to help the mission

I’m in!

Happy rescuing!

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