Foster go-bags

You’ve recruited and trained a whole new team of fosters. You have matched them with dogs that are a fit for their home. You’ve gone over your policies and they are excited to get started! Make sure they are set up for success with these essential items:

  • Emergency numbers – This should include the number for their contact at the rescue (if they have multiple contacts, include all)
  • Non-emergency contacts with available times – Who should they contact for medical questions? Training questions? Adoption questions?
  • What to expect guide – Easy to understand overview of what they should expect in the first few days and weeks
  • Food – Make sure to include feeding instructions
  • Leash / Collar – It’s best if the collar is a martingale to avoid dogs getting loose. Always educate on proper use of a martingale collar

Chart overview of fostering tips in the first week

You may also want to include some items that not every foster will have:

  • Kong toys / lick mat – This will help keep a dog’s mind busy and can help with decompression
  • “Adopt me” gear – This could include a bandana, leash, collar, harness, etc. Get creative!
  • Crate – This is important for the safety of the dog but a crate trained dog is also much more adoptable!

Above all, make sure your fosters are excited and feel they have the resources to succeed.

Happy rescuing!

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